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No more malteasers, teacakes or chipolatas, please

We loved working in the library at Penrhyn Castle but found that, as the days added up and smells wafted from the kitchen, the decorative motifs were increasingly making us think of food

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A room with (or without) a view

A house without a view of the mill that made it possible. Working there, yet again we are struck by the different lives within one place - and we find a possible new accommodation option, too.

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Upstairs downstairs

Hog & Fitch's work behind the scenes at Cragside and Lacock Abbey connects us to the domestic staff before us. Emerging, blinking, from our work into the busy open-hours life of these houses prompts thoughts of the lives of the servants who kept these places going.

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Heavy responsibilities

Some awkward monster pieces of furniture needed moving during the National Trust Lindisfarne Castle project. We felt the impact and responsibility keenly but, for the items themselves, this was just one more event in their long lives - lives that we need to prolong as long as possible.

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Collections are for life...

We use the words ‘collection’ and ‘collections’ all the time, but what sort of image does the word conjure up for you? And what about the sense of responsibility that any collection brings?

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What’s that buzzing in the attic?

​It feels like a scene from a horror film. You nip jauntily across to the window, open the shutters then recoil in shock before a horrible seething mass of big juicy flies. We’ve known them reduce a room of resilient volunteers to a shivering mass on an innocent September day. We’ve also been called out to help on a snowy Christmas Eve to find country house residents terrorised by a buzzing host. The flies had been roused unseasonably from hibernation by electric heating. Ugh.

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