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No more malteasers, teacakes or chipolatas, please

We loved working in the library at Penrhyn Castle but found that, as the days added up and smells wafted from the kitchen, the decorative motifs were increasingly making us think of food

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A room with (or without) a view

A house without a view of the mill that made it possible. Working there, yet again we are struck by the different lives within one place - and we find a possible new accommodation option, too.

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Inspired by Sheffield

Our work takes us all over the north. Sometimes the places we visit or pass through inspire us as much as the objects and interiors we're working on. On our recent trip to Sheffield, we took a stroll to stretch aching muscles after a hard day's polishing. We loved what we saw.

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Books and knitting

Lovely surprise on World Book Day to find some of the owner's own notes and samples inside this 1943 book of knitting patterns.

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