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Art deco floor clean and wax, private collector, 2016

This lovely 1931 oak and mahogany floor was unevenly worn and dirty. Hog & Fitch cleaned it and applied wax to bring back just the right level of shine to match the rest of this glamorous interior and to protect it so it could be enjoyed for years to come by family, friends and pets.

We also had time to work on skirting boards that had suffered from historic damage due to wet mopping and to provide notes to our client for future care of her spaces. It was an absolute delight to work in a beautifully preserved interior like this and to see such a stylish and perfectly integrated interior design taking on a new life as a much loved family home.

Images and acknowledgements

Captions from top: The finished floor; floor and skirting board detail showing wear, dirt and cumulative damage from past wet cleaning; floor detail showing uneven wear in the area of the heaviest foot traffic; Margaret drying off after the initial wet clean - and very happy in her work; Angela giving some careful attention to the dry and damaged skirting board; applying wax to the most damaged and problematic area; buffing after the final application of wax; the finished floor, restored to an appropriate level of shine and well protected again