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Conservation Cleaning

Conservation Cleaning

Conservation cleaning is what Hog & Fitch do and we’re just as happy to work on large or small projects at private homes, National Trust properties, museums and galleries. Our work also includes the cleaning and conservation of personal collections and individual precious or historic and culturally important items.

It stands to reason that if your collection is free from damaging dirt and dust that can accumulate over the year then it is better protected for the future. It’s a task which shouldn’t be tackled by the inexperienced, so it’s essential to approach this work as sensitively as each object demands, using the appropriate cleaning tools and materials to avoid irreversible damage.

In properties where the general public have access, you’ll be all too aware that visitors notice dust and cobwebs too (and are more than happy to comment on them!) so getting your conservation cleaning regime right is also crucial for keeping visitor satisfaction levels on track.

The state of your collection or building also sends out an instant message to other museums, funders and supporters - if it looks uncared for, will they really be willing to lend to your next big exhibition?

Likewise, if you’re sat at home contemplating your most precious heirlooms, then the last thing you want is to see them coated in nasty sticky bonded dust - something which is being added to on a daily basis and which should be addressed on a regular cycle of professional cleaning.

For organisations or private house owners alike, we can devise and schedule bespoke cleaning programmes that will provide the best care for your collection and work on a practical level for you and your staff. If we can pass on skills to your own people then this may be an approach to consider.

Alternatively, we can just help out - working to your programmes, covering when you’re short staffed or when there’s a big project or event on. We know all too well what it’s like to be faced with having to clean historic interiors after a big Christmas party or a wedding, and we’d love to help you out!

For individuals with a few special items, we can help you develop a plan to look after your more fragile objects. We’re also happy to clean just one special item that requires our specialist skills or that you don’t have time to deal with.

Please take a look at our portfolio pages and you’ll see the sort of projects Hog & Fitch are commissioned to help with.