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Condition reporting, inventory checking, documentation and updating collections management systems

Documentation is at the heart of collections care. It’s hard to look after a collection when you don’t know where everything is, what state it’s in or when it was last cleaned or treated for woodworm. We have worked with a range of museums collections management systems and standard documentation procedures. We’ll update the necessary routine records for any project on which Hog & Fitch are working; condition reporting and completing locations records is part of our standard work routine.

We can also design bespoke forms for you to use to record and monitor your conservation cleaning activity.

Sometimes you just don’t have enough people to keep on top of things. Give Hog & Fitch a call if you need a hand with a pre-season inventory check, an inventory marking session or some condition reporting.

Our historic house management experience means that we know what should be in that essential historic house manual. But we also know how hard it can be to take the first step in getting it all set up when you’re busy with a thousand other jobs - or to update it during a busy visitor season. We can use our experience to set something up in a practical way that will work for you.

If museum accreditation dates are looming and you need help dealing with a long-term documentation backlog, updating your collections policies or completing preventive conservation audits, we can work with you to meet the deadline.

Maybe your collection is on a smaller scale at home and you just need a proper record for insurance purposes? We’re happy to take on large or small projects.