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Emergency Procedures

Emergency planning and procedures

Emergency planning is not just a paper exercise and emergencies do happen. Fires may spring to mind initially, but flooding is a fast-increasing risk to heritage buildings and collections across the country.

Making a plan, and keeping up the training required to make it work, can feel daunting but it’s essential. If disaster strikes at 10pm on a Saturday night, you need to have confidence that whichever members of your team can get to the site will have the knowledge and training to do the right thing for your collection - quickly, safely and calmly.

Hog & Fitch can help you write or update your plan, whether it’s for a whole collection or a few special possessions, or we can set up the training needed to make sure everyone is up to speed.

To develop a robust emergency support team, you need a wide enough pool of people to ensure that sufficient team members are available when needed. This means that you could be relying on colleagues who have not previously had historic object handling experience. We have demonstrated that we can make emergency training work for diverse teams, from the experienced museum professional to someone who has never handled a historic object before.

Both of us have first hand experience of dealing with emergencies, and we have developed training plans that work. We know they work because we’ve seen them in action. Hog & Fitch create a programme to work for you and we can’t emphasise enough how absolutely vital that is.

The importance of training was recognised by one salvage team member who faced an emergency situation after having attended practical sessions run by Margaret and Angela:

‘When faced with the salvage situation the only reassurance was the practical training we had received. Without this we wouldn’t have been able to work calmly, professionally and efficiently to save the collection.’