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Historic Houses

Historic Houses

Hog & Fitch feel at home in historic houses and we understand (and, actually, we rather like!) the constraints of working in them.

We know what it’s like to work in the cold and we understand that light needs controlling and that you really do need a torch on you at all times. We know what it’s like to move something fragile up an awkward staircase because that really is the only place you could make your store.

We accept that old buildings leak suddenly in unexpected places and that they can be a home to precious colonies of bats as well as far less welcome insect infestations. We’ve sat in dark rooms at midnight coaxing a lost bird out to freedom, crept through spidery attics to clear snow from gutters and dealt with colonies of cluster flies of true horror film proportions.

We appreciate the human life of historic buildings too - how to work round visitor routes, accommodate family members and work to staff, contractor and volunteer schedules. We are trained in fire prevention, emergency procedures, first aid, visitor welcome and risk assessment and have years of experience of moving ourselves and our equipment around safely inside precious interiors.

All Hog & Fitch services apply within the historic house context. We can work flexibly, effectively and efficiently in these buildings because that’s what we’ve been doing for years and, quite simply, it’s what we love.

Photography Credit: Conservation Cleaning at Sizergh Castle / National Trust (Angela on left) © Cumbria Life