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Inventory Photography

Inventory photography and associated documentation

Recording what you have is essential but doing it properly takes time and experience. A good set of photographs combined with an accurate description is at the heart of good documentation practice.

Trying to identify an unmarked historic object from an inadequate written description without the aid of a decent photograph is a headache that is horribly familiar to museum staff and private collectors. Just how sure are you that you are looking at the blue-green side plate with butterfly decoration, not the turquoise tea plate with moths?

Fragile objects need handling carefully and as little as possible, so you need to feel absolute confidence in achieving consistent and excellent quality shots first time. These images need to capture everything that is needed for inventory, security, insurance and condition monitoring.

Clear, high quality photographs are also absolutely vital if you want to make your collections accessible on line, help researchers and gain more information from subject experts around the world.

Hog & Fitch also understand the importance of capturing all the relevant data at the same time, while your objects are in a position where you can safely measure them, update descriptions, check for makers marks and monitor condition changes and pest activity.

We have managed inventory photography projects in historic houses and museums so we know what’s involved and have practical experience of working around the logistical issues.

Depending on your budget and requirements, Hog & Fitch are happy to manage or help out with your inventory project. We are comfortable working with professional photographers or volunteers – or taking the photographs ourselves.