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Pest Management

Pest management routines and associated documentation

Moths, woolly bears, book lice, silverfish, woodworm, rodents and moreā€¦.They may have different habits and favourite foods, but the one thing they have in common is that they can quite happily decimate a whole collection if you leave them undisturbed.

First you need to know whether you have a problem - and then what’s causing it. Hog & Fitch can set up pest monitoring systems to find out where things are getting in and to identify the destructive beasties before they settle in too comfortably. Once we know what we are dealing with, we can help you remove the infestation and change the environmental factors that are helping them feel at home.

We know that insect monitoring systems often get set up with great enthusiasm but that reality gets in the way and they don’t get checked as often as they should. Sometimes even the most hardy museum staff member just can’t cope with dealing with them. We can help you set up manageable systems - and drop in regularly to help you keep on top of them.

For museums, houses and galleries open to visitors, this has a real impact on customer experience, too. If your guests find an out of date sticky trap loaded with dead spiders and beetles stuck to the bottom of their trousers, they’re probably not going to thank you. But if you can use one of our conservation engagement sessions to offer them an insight into what eats museum collections, how to stop that and what to do at home, then that’s suddenly a much more positive story!