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Staff & Volunteer Training in preventive conservation and conservation cleaning techniques

We run hands-on conservation cleaning and preventive conservation training or refresher sessions for staff and volunteers to suit your needs, timetable and budget. We’re happy to do this on a one to one basis or for larger groups.

Our sessions always involve plenty of practical activity and demonstrations, relevant handling objects, illustrations and a handout sheet. Ideally, we’ll come to you so we can link what we do to your collections, but we realise that’s not always possible. Here are some of the general topics we offer, but do get in touch to discuss your specific requirements as everything will be tailored to your needs:

  • conservation cleaning techniques for specific materials (specific sessions to cover your requirements)
  • training in following, recording and monitoring conservation cleaning regimes that we have set up for you
  • emergency procedures
  • object handling sessions
  • object packing sessions
  • the preventive conservation approach and why it matters